Sunday, October 05, 2008

Looking at the stars again

Last night, after finishing the reconstruction of my roof observatory, I again glanced at the stars using my 21cm Dall Kirkham telescope. For the first time in my life, I tried the GoTo capabilities of a telescope and wow! .. what a feeling to find the stars by just pressing a key!

Here some amazing objects I observed:
  • the open clusters M38 and M37 in Auriga. That was a breathtaking view, since countless stars were twinkling like diamonds in the sky.
  • the open cluster M34 in Perseus. Low magnification is required here.
  • Bode's galaxy M81 and the cigar galaxy M82 in Ursa Major at 60x magnification. Last time I observed them was 2005 using my TAL-2M (15cm, f/8) Newton telescope.
  • The sun-like star Epsilon Eridani. Unfortunately, I couldn't see its exoplanet ;-)
  • The supernova remnant M1. It was like a small cloud with a clear shape in black & white.

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