Thursday, February 26, 2009

Observing the comet Lulin

The partial cloudy night sky didn't prevent me to observe the new comet "C/2007 N3 Lulin" in the constellation of Leo tonight (20:35 GMT). I used my 21cm (f/11.5) DK-Cassegrain telescope at a magnification of 100x. I saw the comet as an oval black and white nebula. There was no hint of its poisonous ;-) green color and its small tail. Since the Earth is between the comet and the Sun at the moment the comet's faint tail is not so long as you could expect, unless you use a very sensitive 2x2/3x3 binned astrocamera on a fast scope. Lulin is at the moment 61 million kilometers far away from the earth. Its magnitude is 6.1 mag.

More stuff:
Two hour later, I observed the globular cluster M5 and I finally checked the polar alignment of my telescope mount using the software WCS. See the screenshot below:

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