Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mars in December 2009

This the red planet as observed yesterday night from my roof observatory in Germany using my 21cm DK-Cassegrain and a DBK21 CCD camera at 6m focal length. A 2GB avi file containing 2:30min of video has been recorded. It has been used as input data for the GIOTTO stacking software. (Date: 28.12.2009, Time: 21:56 GMT)

Up: The pole (Planum Boreum) was full of snow.
Middle: Syrtis Major, Utopia Planitia, Coloe Fossae region, the albedo near "Adamas Labyrinth" were clearly visible.
Down: "Hellas Planitia" is the bright region below Syrtis Major.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy

Good evening everybody,
I have just finished my new picture. It`s a mosaic of M31.
I took 4 pictures of 4x20 minutes each for the outer nebulocity and 10x2 minutes for the core using a 200/1000mm newton telescope and a AllCCd6Pro camera.
Clear Skies Astroholgi

Saturday, December 05, 2009

NGC1128 in Abell400 in Cetus

The galaxy NGC 1128 (PGC11188) in the Abell400 galaxy cluster found in the Cetus constellation contains in its galactic centre two supermassive black holes orbiting each other in a distance of 25000 ligh years. This X-Ray source is also known as 3C75. Both black holes are probably going to colide in some million years making a much bigger supermassiv black hole. NGC1128, a type "E" galaxy, has a magnitude of 14.5 mag and can be identified with amateuer astrophotographic equipment. It has an apparent dimension 30x30arcsec, making it very difficult to capture faint details.