Sunday, April 11, 2010

Observing the galaxy NGC5962 in Serpers

Hi all, yesterday night the sky was very clear in my location in Germany. The star "19 Ursa Minoris" in the north with a brightness of 5.48 magnitudes was clearly visible with the naked eye from my roof observatory. I decided to cool down my compact 21cm dall kirkham cassegrain telescope to go for galaxy search. Yes, the spiral galaxy NGC5962 in Serpens with an apparent size of 2,5"x1,6" and a brightness of 11,44 magnitudes was indirectly visible(!) throught my telescope. This is the faintest galaxy I have ever observed with the Mewlon from my roof observatory! I used a "Baader Moonlight and Skyglow" filter to eliminate the heavy light pollution coming from BK-City in the east..

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