Saturday, October 23, 2010

NGC2404 is a nebula in the galaxy NGC2403

This is an underexposed test photo of the galaxy NGC2403 in the Camelopardalis constellation. The integration ime was 3x3 minutes on each LRGB channel at f/3.6. It has been 2x digitally zoomed in MaximDL.
NGC2404 is a nebulous region in the external galaxy NGC2403. This faint object is located in the Camelopardalis constellation. The 3rd astrophoto shown above is one 16 minutes exposure at 385mm FL at f/3.6 using an SBIG ST-7XME NABG astrocamera under the light polluted skies. It has been digitally 2x zoomed with the software MaximDL. The spikes are overflowed pixels caused from bright stars due to the missing antiblooming gates of the used astrocamera.
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