Sunday, January 16, 2011

All data to process an astrophoto are available

HaRGB Composite: Lern how to compose a color photo from its Ha-Red-Green-Blue components.
Please find attached a zip file with the complete data set of an astrophoto of the Tadpoles nebula in Auriga. All processing steps and the corresponding results are organized in separated directories. Useful tips about deep sky photo processing are shown here and here. Download it right now for free. Just click on the following link: NGC1893 Photo processing steps for educational (packed file size: 68 MB). You need special astrophotographic software to process this file. Try Maxim DL - (Windows, 30 days trial version available) or CCDOps - (Mac / Windows, freeware) or CCDSoft - (Windows). The raw data have been gained over three nights from the author's backyard observatory.

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