Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Serpent Storm on Saturn

A prominent storm erupted late 2010 in Saturn' northern hemisphere. It's called The Serpent Storm and it still rounds the planet. Its appearance changed over the last months, covering sometimes large areas of the northern hemisphere.

March 20th 2011, 21:39 GMT: The Serpent Storm is behind the planet, i.e invisible from the Earth. Photo: Mewlon 210, f/11.5, FL=2415mm, Camera=TIS DBK21USB, approx. 6000 shots, 2x digital zoom, RGB:
One day later .. March 21th 2011, 21:36 GMT: The Serpent Storm is visible from the Earth! Photo: Mewlon 210, f/11.5, FL=2415mm, Camera=TIS DBK21USB, 120 of 6000 shots stacked, 2x digital zoom, GRGB composite created from the basic RGB data with MaximDL.
In the photo above, the Serpent Storm is visible at approx. 100° of longitude. The atmosphere of Saturn mostly consists of hydrogen and helium. Its banded structure is noticeable with good amateur telescopes, since the saturnian bands look fainter than Jupiter‘s, and the planet has twice the distance of Jupiter and it is smaller than it. Observing data: Saturn: Apparent size=19,2“ / Apparent brightness=1,03mag / Distance= km

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