Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Backnang's star party 2011

Dear guest, welcome to the photo gallery of our Star Party 2011 .. Backnang, Germany.
The moon is still up and running
Vixen ED102 on a green Vixen GP
Two SkyWatchers are gazing the night sky
Happy faces, good scopes
Most of the guests were observing the planet Saturn at that night. The photo above corresponds to a typical view of Saturn through a big dobson telescope. It has been taken some hours after the event.
A 20cm f/5 newton telescope. Mike said, he had the best view of M42 in his life, as he observed it with this scope on the Alps/Austria 10 years ago.
A Meade LX10 ready to go.
Markus the APOD guy as he sets up his INTES 18cm Maksutov telescope.
Two Lightbridges look the sky.
Gerd at the 76cm dobson telescope. This was once the biggest portable telescope in Europe! John Dobson signed it during his stay in Fellbach/Germany a couple of years ago. It belongs to the Backnanger Sterngucker. You can observe some deepsky objects in color with it! (I'm not kidding!)
The eye of the tiger: a 400mm dobson telescope.
Mike is setting up his unbelievable 30cm dobson telescope.
Dennis with his fine tuned 37cm Dob.
An apple a day ... catches light at night! :-))))

Oh yes! My Nikon and me were also there ;-)

Kind regards and clear nights to the world wide astronomy community from Backnang, Germany. /Panagiotis


Anonymous said...

Hi Panna,
toller Beitrag.
Mein Spiegel hat - leider nur - 14,5" (36,8cm).
Gruß, Dennis

Gerd Huissel said...

Thank you very much for the nice pics of many nice people and a good event.
I´m proud to be a member of this group.