Monday, October 03, 2011

Pleiades - The Seven Sisters

These are the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades complex, an open cluster in the Taurus constellation containing several blue giant stars. The most prominent of them, the Seven Sisters, are visible even with the n.aked eye.
See this photo in higher resolution at: It's a single 13 minutes exposure with ISO400, at 385mm focal length (f/3.65) under suburban light pollution with an unmodified Nikon d3100 DSLR camera without any LPS filter. The photo processing has been entirely done in Aperture v3.1 (Mac).

It gets even better..
However, we experienced it get's even better if you stack many photos instead of using only one. So I did it, and I was astonished about the high quality the stacking can produce.
See my ultimate Pleiades (M45) photo in highest resolution at:

Median of 772+240+276+325+386+330 seconds
Nikon d3100 unmodified
FL=385mm, f/3.65, ISO400, No CLS filter
Urban light pollution

Exposure: Nikon d3100 unmodified in NEF (raw format)
Stretching & Histogram of each NEF photo: Aperture (Mac)
Alignment: MaximDL (2 stars manual)
Stacking: MaximDL (Media filter, default settings)
Histogram: Aperture (Mac)
Convert to JPG: Aperture (Mac)

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