Monday, April 09, 2012

The Hercules Galaxy Cluster

The galaxies in the constellation of Hercules are distant worlds floating in the deep space approx. 250 times further than our neighbor galaxy; the Andromeda.

Image 1: The Hercules cluster of galaxies (zoom) 

The light you see in the photos attached has been sent 720'000'000 years ago, long before the Cambrian geological period of our planet.

Image 2: The Hercules cluster of galaxies (wide view)

Both photos above have been taken using an amateur telescope and color camera. The exposure time was 13 times x 15 minutes under the light polluted suburban sky. Special photo-processing techniques have been applied on the raw images in order to remove the disgusting dirt of the city lights (see description).

Finally, I have to state how disappointing is to realize that the darkness of our night sky is still not protected by law in most countries on the globe.

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