Saturday, May 26, 2012

Live observation of NGC6888 and NGC6992 SNR in Cygnus

Good evening,

I am now reporting live from my location, where my scope is currently up and running. The QHY8L one-shot-color astrocamera is now collecting photons from the supernova remnant in the Cygnus constellation. An IDAS-LPS-P2 filter is effectively blocking the light pollution from the nearby street lights. I am guiding with a Starlight-Lodestar camera and the PHDguiding software. The weather is very good tonight. The seeing of 4.99" is evident in the guiding graph window, there are no spikes in the guiding curve tonight. Here is a live view of my computer desktop where the telescope and the camera are controlled from:
Image 1: My computer desktop during imaging

The first photons of NGC6888 are now collected. I quickly calibrated this single exposure (900s exposure at f/5.4 and FL=730mm) to show you how this object it looks like. No photo processing is applied on this single image. Here is it:
Image 2: NGC6888 (unprocessed)

A stacked image of NGC6888 is shown below:
Image 3: NGC6888 (9x900s, processed)

Amendment 31.05.2012:
NGC6992, another supernova remnant in the Cygnus constellation, had been also captured at that night. In the meanwhile, the final NGC6992 image is processed and it is shown below:
Image 4: NGC6992


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