Saturday, August 18, 2012

Venus Transit 2012 in Greece

No clouds are in the sky. The deep blue water in the nearby beach is crystal clear. Silence is everywhere. The air is smooth like silk. Colors are in the sky. That's a magic place. The beauty of the greek landscape will be perfect soon. The Venus Transit 2012 is reality.

Image 1: The landscape in Greece before sunrise

Image 2: The Sun looks red due to its low attitude. It is 6:18 o'clock in Greece.
Let's say "hello" to Venus! => "Giasu Aphrodite!" "Γεια σου Αφροδιτη!"

 Image 3: Visual observation using the camera as a telescope

 Image 4: The Venus Transit 2012 in Greece

Image 5: During the "3rd touch" the black drop effect is visible

Image 6: The camera gear used to capture the transit

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