Sunday, September 15, 2013

Impressions from the "AME 2013" astronomy expo

Astronomy expo AME 2013, Germany
Image 1: A Knaeble RC telescope

Image 2: ASA astrograph and mount 

Image 3: ATIK CCD cameras

Image 4: Takahashi Epsilon telescope 

Image 5: ICS Newton

Image 6: Avalon mount 

Image 6: Hasenstein mount with Astroholgi weights 

Image 7: The BkSternguckers, Germany 

Image 8: Celestron EHD telescope

Image 9: Hofheim Instruments Dobson telescope 

Image 10: ASA astrograph and mount 

Image 11: ASA astrograph on ASA DDM mount 

All photos from the expo are available at: