Thursday, May 01, 2014

Christmas Tree cluster - Fox Flur nebula - Conus nebula - Hubble nebula

Image 1: The worlds around the Christmas Tree star cluster

The Christmas Tree star cluster is located in the Monoceros constellation. The bizarre Fox Flur nebula and the beautiful Conus nebula are surrounded by a rich, colorful star field. The Hubble nebula and its RMon central star are found at upper right side of the photo. Two regions of this image reveal faint details when processed with special astrophotographic software. See below:

Image 2: The double star on the top of the Conus nebula NGC2264

Image 3:  Details in the Hubble reflection nebula NGC2346

Image data:
Three sub exposures of 1200s each, stacked and processed with MaximDL and Aperture.
The focal length was 660mm (f/5.2), a QHY8L one-shot-color camera, auto guided with a Lodestar on a FS60C was on prime focus.


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