Saturday, January 03, 2015

NGC2353 and LBN1036 in Monoceros

Image: The open star cluster NGC2353 and the nearby nebula LBN1036

The open star cluster NGC2353 is next to the emission nebula LBN1036 in Monoceros. NGC2353 has an apparent diameter of 20', a brightness of 7,1mag. It is 76'000'000 years old, and 3648 light years away. [1]
Exposures: Ha=5x5min, R/G/B=5/5/5min, -25°C, 1x1 binning. This was the first light of the 683 on the NP. The  FWHM was 8" during the image acquisition.
[1] Wikipedia:
[2] Original image:

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