Thursday, March 29, 2012

A QHY8Pro on a Newton with ASA reducer on a Losmandy G11 guided by a Lodestar camera

 This new astrophotographic system consists of a:
 This telescope belongs to a friend.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TS APO65Q - A faithful friend

This scope is like a faithful friend. It keeps what it promises. The tiny TSAPO65Q 420mm, f/6.5 flat field quadruplet is ideal for traveling, suitable for guiding, and exceptional for deep sky work. Due to its user friendly focal ratio, it is a joy to use.

Photo 1: The TS APO65Q telescope

Telescopes like this one are called "Geheimtipp" in Germany. This high quality quadruplet is capable to carry heavy camera trains and to maintain flatness till the edges of an APS sensor, commonly used in DSLR cameras. This portable scope is also suitable for visual observations of the Moon or the Sun*. More photos of it are available here. It belongs to a friend of mine.
*Warning: a Baader astrosolar filter is mandatory in that case.