Monday, October 22, 2012

Jupiter on Oct. 21th 2012 (22:51MEST)

Despite the bad seeing of the last nights, I decided to make some tests on Jupiter, with 5 meters focal length and f/38.4 using my TIS  DBK21 color webcam on a Televue Powermate 5x. The best focal ratio to match this camera is f/28, i.e. 4 meters focal length for 130mm aperture. Hence, I have to use a Televue Powermate 4x instead to get best results. However, the biggest issue here is ... the weather (not the focal ratio).
 Image 1: Luckily, the great Red Spot was visible during the observation

 Image 2: The great Red Spot was easily visible was observable through the scope
  Image 3: The seeing was very bad during that night

 Image 4: Anyway, a low quality photo is better than no photo at all ;-)